Why Resource Augmentation Has Become the Best Choice To Extend Your Team

Now more than ever, companies require professionals to address the gaps in their organizations to complete large projects. There are a variety of strategies that your business could use to fill these skill gaps; without burdening the rest of the workforce with tasks that they are ill-equipped to do.

Resource Augmentation

Resource/Staff Augmentation allows your business to bridge the various resource shortages by temporarily hiring professionals based on project and skill requirements.

Easily add developers to your team who have specialized knowledge in the required field as per the project or contract requirements with time not being any constraint as they can be hire at any stage of development.

For Instance, there is a development project or effort that requires the hiring of specialized Java developers/professionals with 5+ years of experience on an urgent basis. But you don’t have the budget to recruit them on your own, due to time constraints or the project being too late into development. Furthermore, you are skeptical about outsourcing the project to someone else, this is where Resource Augmentation comes into play, allowing you to save on hiring expenses and increase operational efficiencies as these resources will work as per your organization’s policies, rules, time zone, etc.

You may be thinking. So, what’s the point of Resource Augmentation? Why not expand your company by hiring more employees? The answer is straightforward. You don’t need to hire new team members on a long-term basis. Professionals are all that are required to complete the task.

The model that works for you

Unlike other businesses, scalong has a straightforward hiring model to ensure that you can hire a resource per your needs, i.e., Hourly, Part-Time, and Full-Time Models.

Various hiring models offered by iBoss to its clients i.e., Hourly, Part Time, and Full Time.

Whenever there is a project requirement and you are thinking about hiring resources, it is always important to prioritize your goals to ensure that they align with your budget.

With RAAS or Resource as a Service, you can easily hire resources to fulfill your project requirements without destroying your budget and investing it in other areas.


Still not convinced? Below are some benefits:


Hire a resource at any time or at any stage of the development cycle and rest assured that the resource will work with your organization as per the resource model chosen. Moreover, you can easily add or remove resources without any hassle.

Cost/Time Savings

Since you don’t have to hire resources directly you can save a lot of time and money on recruiting as we ensure with our stringent interview process that the resources have the necessary skills to meet your project/resource requirements.

Furthermore, utilizing RaaS ensures that the resources hired align with your organization’s overall budget and are able to meet the organization’s goals.

Enhanced Productivity

Unlike a project outsourcing team, which may manage many projects at the same time, hiring a dedicated resource allows for a greater degree of efficiency since the developers are 100% focused on a single project. Working for a single customer and adhering to their large vision demand a high level of dedication and enthusiasm.

Better Control

Unlike Outsourcing with Resource Augmentation, you have control over every single detail of the project while also ensuring that all of your organization’s data remains within your control to ensure privacy and security.


The increase in demand for qualified resources has increased exponentially and with limited supply available, the best option is RaaS (Resource as a Service) to hire the right resource with the right experience at the right time. iBoss Tech Solutions allows companies to leverage their IT skills by providing the necessary resources at the right time with expertise on top-notch technologies to fulfill any of your business requirements.

iBoss Tech Solutions provides expert guidance and competent assistance to fill your company’s staffing gaps with 16 years of experience, ISO-27001 certification, and a Global Clientele. We are a bunch of enthusiastic & digitally savvy minds with the goal to help every organization adopt and adapt to the right technologies and infrastructure to improve efficiency and reduce costs while increasing their profits.

200+ ProfessionalsFlexible Hiring ModelsTransparent Reporting
ISO-27001 Certified16 Years of Experience90% Client Retention Rate
60%-70% Operational Time
ISMS Processes & Data
On-Time Project Delivery
Request an IT resource requirement from iBoss and see how we can work together to help you develop your dream project.

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