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Through our specialist experience, we’ve found that Scalong works brilliantly in any industry. In particular, we’ve had great success in the following sectors.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Technological developments coupled with a paradigm shift in the attitude of customers has put forth challenges and issues in the services sector. Backed by our highly technical and proficient team, we help develop solutions to assist in your constant endeavour to overcome the challenges as well as responsibly respond to your customers’ demands. Stay different, create your own identity while strengthening your foothold in the industry with our innovative and supportive solutions.

Sports And Statistics Management

Sports industry is witnessing significant developments in terms of increased participation, enhanced passion and detailed specifications and intricacies. Driven by rich experience, we offer assistance in scouting, recruitment, player administration and management for statistical research and service models for all sports.

Wholesale And Distribution

Noticeable alterations, heightened competition and developments including globalization, consolidation, and intense competition are demanding improved methodologies and transformations in the supply chains and business models. In your continuous effort to stay ahead of your game while outbidding all possible challenges, we offer you solutions to integrate with your existing setup yet bring increased performance and enhancements to your delivery model.

Hospitality & Leisure

This industry is witnessing a significant upswing in the number of travellers complete with increased service demands and altered consumer attitude. Heightened competition and a volatile market adds to the increased pressure of innovation, delivery and instil customer confidence. With our strategic solutions, we ensure you stay ahead of your game while working towards positive customer loyalty.

Food And Beverage

The food and beverage industry is marked by the constant pressure of innovation, streamlined supply chain for quick delivery, changing technologies and compliance with food safety regulations. With extensive know-how and proficient technical background, we commit to deliver solutions that aid in strategically position you as a competitive force in this industry while securing your future and optimizing your efficiency.


Diminishing resources, stiffened finances and controlled regulations are putting increased pressure on the manufacturing industry to come up with solutions to optimize resource allocation as well as keep tab on expenses while working towards maintaining an effective distribution channel. scalong with its highly technical team offers you strategic solutions to help bring about significant improvements in your processes while working towards reducing your Total Cost of Ownership and improving upon your Return on Investment.


Globalization, economic uncertainty, emerging technologies and increased participation of citizens are putting constant pressure on Government organizations to bring about modifications and improvements to help build a better country. scalong commits to offer innovative solutions to help achieve the goals set out by such organisations and bring about a positive change towards taxes, processes, finances and citizen management.


Streamlined supply chain, optimum processes, cost effectiveness and ultimate consumer loyalty are few of the many goals set out by most automotive manufacturers in their effort to deal with challenges and issues emanating out of increased regulatory environment, globalization and rising product complexity. With our heightened knowledge of automotive connectivity and cost pressures backed by our technological superiority, we offer you solutions to bring about a radical change in your processes and help you position better for the future.


The Healthcare industry is marked by radical technological upgradation coupled with an increased pressure of affordability, compliance and accountability. We help you redefine your processes leveraging our significant background in healthcare, while offering you solutions to bring about a balanced quality to cost of care ratio with focus on accountability and streamlined processes to cater to the increased requirements of the industry.


Publishing industry must overcome the traditional pitfalls of print-centric processes and systems by adapting to latest technology and today’s digital on-the-go consumer’s needs. With the declining print advertising and increasing online media opportunities, digitization of businesses is the only way to go.
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