Hiring a new resource without actually hiring? Let us explain

Resource Augmentation

Technology is ever evolving and to keep your seat in the competition era, it is important to keep up with this technical progress. How do you ensure that your development team always has highly experienced techies to address day-to-day difficulties if acquiring new employees is a costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient process?

As a result, Resource/staff Augmentation is a viable option.

You may be thinking what even is Resource/Staff Augmentation?

With the help of this article we here at iBoss would like to clear all the doubts you have regarding resource augmentation, from its benefits to when does your organization needs it.

Why hiring can be a pain?

It is no secret that hiring a new resource can be a headache. The average conversion time for hiring a new resource is at least 30 days, while others could need more than 4 months due to the numerous numbers of steps involved.

Even though the time taken to hire a resource heavily depends upon the size of the organization and the efficiency of its processes. All this changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the demand for IT resource grew exponentially and with limited resources available, hiring a new IT resource has become much harder while taking more time, energy, and resources.

Thus, the solution to this issue is resource/staff augmentation.

What is Resource/Staff Augmentation?

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Resource/Staff Augmentation is a cost-effective resource outsourcing strategy that is used by companies to hire technology requirements from a third party on a contractual basis as per their requirements without the need to provide the resource any additional training.

Resource Augmentation can often be more profitable to a business than on-site hiring as your company can hire as many resources on-demand as needed to fulfill your requirements while avoiding any kind of hassles like interviews, background verification, etc.

Who is it for?

As previously discussed, ever since COVID, hiring a new resource and that too the right one is a very difficult task for all organizations be it a start-up or a big company like Microsoft. This is the reason why resource augmentation can help in providing the right resource with the right experience and knowledge.

To whom resource augmentation is beneficial

When is it needed?

Knowing when your organization needs to outsource is a very important task and these are two situations in which outsourcing is a much better option for any business:

  • Your organization’s internal team is working on multiple projects at the same time, unable to focus on one task due to their divided attention impacting efficiency.
  • Your organization has started working on a new project but is facing a resource limitation and requires new engineers with the right skills and training.

Benefits of Resource Augmentation

Increased Flexibility & Scalability

Instead of waiting for months to find the right resource for a project. Resource Augmentation allows organizations irrespective of their size to effortlessly find the necessary resources to fulfill their requirements.

Moreover, resource augmentation also allows organizations to not only scale up but also scale down the requirement as per the organization’s needs.

Cost Savings

Since resource augmentation can allow hiring a resource from anywhere around the globe, an organization can easily save money as they can recruit a resource from a country where the cost of living is low.

Furthermore, with resource augmentation an organization does not have to worry about employee benefits, extra costs of taxes, health benefits, accommodation allowance, etc. allowing them to invest this money elsewhere.

Easily meet Deadlines

Meeting deadlines is crucial in a business environment, if not, it may impact the business’s reputation. And sometimes internal teams may not be able to meet these deadlines due to their divided attention on multiple projects or some unexpected obstacle.

Resource Augmentation specialists are trained to work in a fast-paced pressure environment, allowing them to complete critical tasks before the deadline to ensure that proper testing and adjustments are made before the release date.

Authority & Security

People often confuse resource augmentation with outsourcing. But there is a big difference between the two when it comes to the authority and security of data.

When Outsourcing your projects to another party that party controls all the data and resources involved with it. While in Resource Augmentation the business is in charge of everything – execution, management, data, etc.

Thus, ensuring that data confidentiality is maintained.


Ever since COVID, finding a new resource has become a daunting task, and finding one with the necessary skills and experience can take months.

Meanwhile, resource augmentation can cut this down to weeks or even days with a pool of resources available with all experience bands to fit the organization’s budget and requirements. Thus, saving a lot of time.

iBoss Resource Hiring Process

4-Step Process for Resource Augmentation (iBoss)

iBoss’s Resource Augmentation follows a 4-step model to ensure that the resource being hired is perfect for your business requirements and has the necessary knowledge.

iBoss Engagement Models

Our 3 engagement models ensure that our clients get as much flexibility as required for them to easily get the resource as per your organization’s requirements:

Resource Augmentation Engagement Models

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