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CMS – Complaint Management System

We Innovate to deliver better solutions
Salient Features and Benefits
Effective way to manage customer complaints
Real time notifications to technicians to take care of the issues
Real time monitoring of issues and complaints
Effective tracking mechanism to track employees performance
Automatic escalation management feature

Feature to re-open the tickets to re-assign post feedback collection

Photo Upload and quotation making
GPS Tracking System

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

We Innovate to deliver better solutions
Salient Features and Benefits
Integrated approach to customer and prospect interactions
A predictive tool to manage your business in a proactive manner
Accessibility for up-to-date communication history to streamline customer activities
On to go analysis on opportunities, volumes and pipelines
Geo tracking feature availability to provide enhanced customer service experience
Attendance tracking system with GPS punch in and out capability
An interactive reporting dashboard app to show near to real time reporting
A capability to mark your favourite reports on main screen
On to go reporting and dashboards for effective management reporting
Business Intelligence integration capability to give predictive analysis on any product or service
Customizable fields and Report
Sales Forecasting and Summary report
Automation of everyday tasks
Photo Upload and quotation making

ERP Software Solution

We Innovate to deliver better solutions
A business is not just a single unit operating – it involves a complex integration of various business processes acting as cogs to a cycle. Essentially, the on-time and efficient performance of all the components is what pulls forward the business.
With the rapidly changing external environment with constant technological alterations, managing all the varied business processes just might seem a herculean task. With an effective Enterprise Resource Planning software, you can achieve what you had set out for. And not just any ERP, but one that’s unique to your business, integrating with yours systems, minimises your operational risks while optimising all your resources- human or otherwise.

At Scalong, this is what we commit to all our clients- not just a software but a value-add to the business. Software that seems human enough to understand your requirements and modify themselves to bring out the best of each operational process to aid in resource optimisation, cost minimisation and data collection for deep analysis and strategic decision making. Our highly proficient team with global expertise is the best team that you can have on-board to create innovative systems to enable better coordination, productivity collaboration, thereby developing a highly efficacious product that surpasses your expectation and demands.

While most ERP Solutions are meant to streamline your business processes for added effectiveness and automate areas related to technology, services and human resources, the ERP Solutions that Scalong offers also aids in strategic decision making while protecting critical corporate data. While integrating all the functions of a business, including planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources, we also strive towards offering visibility, efficiency and analysis of all your core processes using the latest technologies and facilitating real-time information across all the business processes aiding in performance driven performance analysis so that remedial measures can be taken then and there- much before disaster strikes.

Scalong works with enterprises and organisations of all sizes and industry, offering them with dynamic and detailed, efficient and effective systems that are technologically superior, scalable, and user-friendly and extremely rewarding. Based on our expansive experience in working with organisation across sectors, we are in a position to understand the needs, requirements and demands of such businesses to come up with a highly effectual business system.

Technical and analytical expertise gained through exposure to concerns of various industries such as Trading and Wholesale, Manufacturing, FMCG, retail and Tyre manufacturing industry has led us to provide niche solutions.
Inventory of spare parts
Common customer experience across service network with common customer loyalty program
Multi-Branch network management from central location with franchises control
Optimal inventory usage
Operation and tracking across locations from central as well as from home
Improved workshop and labour management
Dealer Management System operations for both Sales & Service.
Get well ahead of competition by engaging all your business processes optimally as you rule out information silos and work on a single source of real time data enabling you to take strategic decisions as and when the need arises instead of waiting for the information to develop.
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