Use of Artificial Intelligence Technique in Imaging Solutions

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It’s being long since image-recognition algorithms were used to manage “simple” tasks only. Today, the scope of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence is much more than what it was in the past. The artificial intelligence (AI) is now being used while designing Biomedical imaging solutions in Dubai and all over the country as well. The action of capturing images for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes has entered a new phase, special thanks to AI. AI in biomedical imaging has become the new topic of research in medical Artificial Intelligence and is currently being used to bring innovation.

All about Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the hottest topics in the medical sector. Research papers are published regularly discussing the applications of machine learning in medical imaging, from image acquisition to image interpretation to medical evaluation, how this technology can prove beneficial.

Useful AI Techniques used in Biomedical Imaging

Computer Vision

Computer Vision, or machine vision, has become mature and widely accepted in the health and biomedical domain. Computer Vision means ability of computers to recognize, analyze, interpret, and understand different attributes within a visual. With the help of this technology, one can easily exploit texture, shape, contour, and prior knowledge along with getting information from images.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is a part of machine learning which is useful for constructing artificial neural networks to mimic the structure and the function of the human brain. This innovative technique is a groundbreaking tool to process huge quantities of data as the performance of the machine improves as it analyzes more data.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging

AI Helps Manage Large Datasets

Modern healthcare and biotechnology operations generate huge amount of visual data, managing which becomes a difficult task. The data accumulation increases manifolds, as the tools to capture medical and biological images also improve. The data includes the informative insights regarding a patient’s condition, the development of a disease, or the molecular structure of cells. One of the challenges faced was to manage this huge imaging data, but all thanks to AI. Artificial Intelligence is used to manage extremely large volumes of data which otherwise is difficult for the humans.

Improves the Accuracy of Medical Diagnosis

From doing X-rays to CT scans and MRIs, medical professionals are supposed to examine challenging images for tracking patient health and initiate diagnosis. Today the Medical practitioners use AI-based solutions for getting information on patients, analyzing their responses, and narrow down the diagnosis choices. Machine Learning algorithms can easily ‘improve’ and ‘understand’ the patterns of disease. ML algorithms can easily spot data relationships that might not get easily observed by human eye, making them the best tool in the medical care domain.

Helps Save Time and Resources

Using imaging solutions in Dubai and globally not only help diagnosis the disease but also brings down the cost-effectively. AI models can track even the slightest abnormalities, which helps brings a significant reduction in saving or losing a patient. AI algorithms are more cost-efficient as compared to the methods used earlier. Now patients don’t have to visit laboratory often, as AI algorithms deliver prediction-based results based on personal information.

Quick Diagnosis

AI-driven tools use the data provided by the patients to track their previous and present health issues. By doing a comparison of disease details, healthcare professionals can diagnose the disease more accurately and fast. With so many tools, the health care experts can easily predict and prepare for all the upcoming threats in the future by taking relevant steps at the earliest. Similarly, healthcare facilities can manage their operations easily, all thanks to the predictive analysis.

Sectors where AI Technology is Being Used

AI in Radiology

Development and deployment of AI technologies in radiology is gaining wider popularity. It is been observed that one algorithm per month in the field of radiology. These algorithms are useful in so many fields; for instance, an algorithm designed by Google help determine patients’ risk of cardiovascular pathology by checking the scan of their retinas.

AI in Drug Discovery

The Artificial Intelligence has also added value in drug discovery field. Earlier dealing with microscopic images was a bit challenging task, as the images produced differ from each another. Variation in temperature, reagent batches, and exposure time many times produce the wrong information and gradually effect the candidates’ drug compound. Keeping a close track on all such activities and separating the effects was a major challenge in data-driven drug discovery. But all thanks to AI which help manage all these challenges more efficiently.


The usage of AI in the field of biomedical imaging shows us how it contributed to human quality of life. The imaging solutions and AI-driven tools have witnessed significant success in the past, especially in human lives. With AI, we are now better aligned with updated health management and an overall healthy lifestyle. If you are wondering how using Imaging solutions in Dubai can help your organization, just talk to the experts at iBoss Tech Solutions. Combine Your Vision with our Skilled and Knowledgeable Developers, we at iBoss Tech Solutions Build a Competitive AI Solution to grow your Business.