Techniques to prepare business for cloud migration

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The future is certainly cloud migration. Worldwide investment in cloud computing is expected to almost double in the coming years. Shifting your business to the cloud is an amazing move, as it allows you to grow your company manifolds. However, migrating your business to cloud and Application migration to cloud in Dubai, is not an easy task, it requires careful planning and strategizing. In this blog, we will discuss some of the effective techniques that help avoid migration’s pitfalls.

Before starting with the cloud migration, it is important to carefully examine the current composition of your system and look at all the factors mentioned below:

Evaluate the existing system 

Before migrating to the cloud, you need to think about your business processes and specifics. Whether you require cloud migration for your organization or not? Thoroughly go through all the components and interactions within your system, including architecture,   databases, code, servers, storage, etc. and then make the final decision.

Clean up and reconfigure 

Another important thing is to clean up and reconfigure your applications so that there are no legacy errors at the time of migration. Not all data is relevant for your current processes, so you need to decide which data you should move and which you should leave. 

Prepare team and resources 

Make sure you have enough resources within your time who know how to perform the migration process, if you don’t have, look for professional application migration to cloud in Dubai. Rather than investing your time and efforts in training your employees about a cloud-oriented culture, its better to appoint cloud experts like iBoss Tech Solutions who can do the task more effectively. In case of not having any internal team of experts, refer to third-party professionals who know legacy system migration inside and out. 

Stay updated about the latest regulatory policies 

Based on where you’re located and where you do business, you need to adhere to several policies. So keep a close track on all the changes in cloud security standards and migrate adhering to the same.

Choosing the right provider

The most important step to start the migration process is choosing the best cloud provider for your business. With so many providers on the market, it’s crucial to look at all the options carefully. Some of the most popular cloud migrations include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, which can prove beneficial for your company’s unique business model.

Practical Ways for Moving to a Cloud Environment 

Though in the majority of the cases, a cloud provider looks after all the migration steps,  but it’s always good to know what exactly is going to happen. While migrating, refer to the below-mentioned tips for moving to the cloud to ensure a smooth and successful cloud transition. 

Create the environment 

Create the working development environment and make sure that all components and services are compatible with the new environment, including the third-party services used.  Also, you can run several services in parallel for some time and properly clean up your old data storage. 

Go step by step 

Start migrating your services one by one. Either move less important items first to see if it works properly, or you can also shift the most important items initially to ramp up the process.  If there is some error or failure, you can consider a rollback option to come back to the previous step.

Use cloud-native processes 

Try to deploy cloud-native solutions while choosing an application migration. Deploy  collaborative practices and close team communication to ramp up your software releases.

Continuous monitoring and testing is important  

Look at the user feedback and user experience and closely monitor the system performance and KPIs and system security.  Tracking all these things is important, so that loopholes, if any, can be sorted at the initial steps only.

So are you all set for Migration?

Post you have selected your cloud provider you can begin your application migration to cloud in Dubai, it’s time to start strategizing. But before starting with the migration process, remember that it will not be done overnight. It requires careful planning and strategies to make it more successful. First, ensure that your existing staff is well-versed with the new cloud system. You can book training, so that all of your employees can ask relevant questions in a comfortable learning environment.

It’s an ideal way to begin with moving a few items into the cloud, rather than shifting all the data all together. Have sufficient time to make any required changes, like fixing code scripts and renegotiating bandwidth.

It’s time to make big change If everything goes as per the plan, your company’s data migration can become smooth. Post the completion of migration, be thorough and diligent in your final assessment. Contacting the experts like iBoss Tech Solutions for Application migration to cloud in Dubai gives you an assurance that your data is fully migrated, working properly, and accessible to existing staff and other users.