Web Solutions

“Web solutions incorporating new design model to reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) and improve customer service!”

About the Client

The Client provides products and solutions to the motor vehicle industry that protects consumers from the perils of ownership. Their products complement manufacturers’ warranties both during and after the factory warranty period.


The new project was expected to help reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) and improve customer service. The application needed to enable Adjusters to
address Contract/claim inquires, initiate claims, and provide claim Status updates while achieving the client’s philosophy of “Customer Service. Done Fast. Done Right.”

Key Challenges Included
  • User-friendly “point and click” technology (eliminate “function keys”)
  • Claim documentation’s real-time uploading into the data center
  • Unlimited character space to reduce the need for abbreviations
  • A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder
  • Ability to sort and filter search criteria
  • Screen consolidation to streamline the claims handling process
  • Built-in automatic sales tax calculation
  • Automatic denials based on internal quality assurance controls
  • 3 C’s (Concern, Cause, Correction) are to be driven by product
  • Display of applicable deductible on “Claim Initiation” screen

The Following solutions were incorporated to fulfil the need and requirements of the client. Some of the key solutions are:

  • Web-based implementation – Web-based implementation of the project enabled the proper execution of extensive features such as unlimited character space for data filling.
  • Concern, Cause, Correction – Embedded in the product creation strategy is the mantra of “Concern, Cause, Correction”. The web application has been designed to address the concern and find the root cause and suggest the correction method.
  • All in one – Contracts and claims can be searched on the same screen, claim information and major Components are available on the same screen, etc. Screen consolidation has been implemented to streamline the claims handling process.
  • User-Friendly Design – Multiple features have been added to make the process better and simpler. Real-time Uploading of Claim documentation into the data center, displaying of the applicable deductible on “Claim Initiation” screen and elimination of “Function Keys” to enable User-friendly “point and click” technology are some of such features.
  • Integrated modules – Built-in modules such as automatic sales tax calculations have been integrated into the web application to provide the user with rich functionality.
  • Extensive Search Facility – Every search query in Web parts/Pages can be sorted and filtered to get the desired result instantly.

The client is now able to provide its customer with the best of the features and extensions while improving upon the average handle time and customer service. The new design model significantly decreased the learning model for new adjusters through its user-friendly design and interface.