Quality Assurance 2021- An Overview

Quality Assurance (QA) has always been a significant part of the software development process. In 2017, estimates say that about $1.7 trillion was lost due to software failure. QA is the proactive methodology of checking or assessing that the product developed is of optimized value and quality for the end-user. QA is about ensuring that the product or service is bug-free or defect-free so that potential threats or errors can be detected to provide the ultimate experience to customers.

Often QA is confused with QC or Quality Control. However, the difference between the two is that the former is proactive, while the latter is reactive, where QC focuses on detecting defects.

Is QA important in 2021?

Quality Assurance is always a healthy procedure for every type of software development company. Be it 2021, when the pandemic is creating furor around, defining new normal conditions, or a decade back, the practice of preemptively detecting errors or faults helps in delivering top satisfaction to customers.

Here is the importance of Quality Assurance:

  1. Cost-effective

Practicing QA is one of the best ways to reduce costs. By investing in QA, errors can be prevented and detected faster. Thus, such errors can be fixed fast and while the development process. Whereas, if bugs are left to be addressed only at the end of software development, bugs can multiply, which means more time to resolve the bugs gets overtly complicated by the end of the project. As per the Journal of Defense Software Engineering, the time taken to repair issues at the end of a project is 150 times more than the time taken during the development process.

In 2021, there are many issues that companies need to address. By keeping their costs down through effective QA processes, a part of their organizational issues can be handled well.

2. Brand reputation

Many things are at stake when the product developed has bugs that could be prevented with proactive analysis. One of the biggest aspects is the loss of brand value, trust, and confidence in the market. The company starts to gain a negative reputation, and very soon, sales could start to dwindle.

In 2021, all aspects of risks need to be minimized. Integrating QA with the development process is a smart way to strengthen your brand value.

3. It helps avoid emergencies and catastrophes

Software development companies have a professional obligation to offer accurate software systems to their clients. QA is the ideal way to ensure that the product is free from all possible defects and bugs. It is important to understand that any bugs in the system while operational can lead to blackouts, emergencies, and fatal catastrophes leading to data loss. The situation could be worse, and given that 2020 and 2021 have been bad for business, it is best to weave QA during the software development process.

4. QA and user experience are intertwined.

The end user’s experience makes a difference to all organizations because the customer is the king. Companies spend tonnes every year to influence their customers and maintain their loyalty. We all know that bad experiences work against the organization, and word-of-mouth spreads fast about the bad experience. Bad user experience can affect sales and revenues drastically. Quality Assurance is one of the ways to offer users satisfying and good experiences.

5. QA and safety

Safety is a growing concern and 2021 is seeing the rippling effect of this all around. More and more organizations are concerned about user safety and the protection of personal data. With the help of QA processes like vulnerability, testing can help address safety issues proactively and resolved them effectively.

Conclusion QA has a big role to play in the effective development of safe and productive products. It should not be taken lightly. If you are keen to integrate QA processes with your development methods, speak to experts at scalong, a premier software development company specializing in software Quality Analysis and Quality Control.