MIS Reporting Digitization

  • The client had manual excel based reporting. High probability of human error.
  • No real-time data on the spending of the organization of team-wise and identification of profitability and billable teams.
  • No salary trend analysis, sales analysis, and expense analysis other data analysis for business decisions.
  • The recurring process involving the manual effort of 8-10 hours per month i.e. 96-120 hours per annum.
  • Due to the reporting being a completely manual process, prone to human errors, so we suggested digitization of MIS report with reduced human effort.
  • Wherein input sheets containing details of monthly income and expenses along with details of employees’ salaries were extracted from Tally into excel and passed through the Bot.
  • The Bot based on input sheets identified the month and prepared MIS report providing team-wise reporting along with standardized reports of Salary trends, expense analysis and prediction, and other analysis.
  • The Bot updates the same excel with these reports and the same can be shared with management/stakeholders. The Bot can create these reports in less than a minute.
  • The manual effort was reduced to only 2 hours per month being 24 hours per annum.
  • Saved 12 man-days per annum.
  • Reduced 80% manual work.
  • Digitization of 80% of the entire process.
  • Less than a minute for the creation of MIS based reporting using Bot.
  • Standardized reporting.
  • No human error.
  • Automation of the MIS reporting process.
  • Seeing success client went on to automate other recurring processes such as Attendance, Time-sheet, Account receivables, invoicing processes, etc.