Embracing Digitization in Construction Industry

The construction industry is one of the most important economic sectors across the world. Even though it is the biggest industry, but it has its inefficiencies. Productivity in many sectors has increased drastically, but the construction industry has barely increased. Other industries have made this leap forward with the help of automation.

The scope of automation in the construction industry is broad and can be incorporated from initial planning to designing,through construction facility, its operation, and maintenance,and can even be used for recycling the materials after a building is demolished.

Japan which is the leader when it comes to robotics and automation has developed many new technologies and types of machinery allowing the construction industry to reduce human efforts, construction costs, and project time and increasing productivity.

Key Challenges
  • Extensively long processes due to reliability on outdated IT systems coupled with manual paper-based processes.
  • On average manual processes result in the printing of 10,000 documents which hinders efficiency and visibility.​
  • Difficult to maintain records and track the progress of the project.
  • Collaboration and skill empowerment are also challenging.​
Digital Approach

Digital Data & Automation – Embrace digitization and enable a paperless environment through the implementation of automated processes and workflows for the collection and analysis of data. Configure dashboards and scorecards, as well as create pivot tables in Excel that link to data sources and get visual reports using third party systems or other Microsoft products such as Power BI.

Connectivity – Connect and synchronize activities to ensure better collaboration and transparency of processes to track the project performance.

Digital Access – Use mobile to access the internet and intranet networks and stay updated anywhere on the go.