Achieving third-party API integration to mobile apps with Scalong !

An API or Application Programming Interface is a software program that helps two or more apps communicate. Think of it as an intermediary that passes a message from one app to another and then transfers back the response to facilitate seamless working. For example, every time you use a hotel booking app on your phone to search for hotels online. In this case, the app interacts with the API of various hotels to fetch information from the hotel database to find you the room category for dates you are looking for. 

Third-party APIs help developers in creating APIs fast and effectively using entities and components that already exist. It is a preferred choice rather than creating codes for API from scratch because integration between a business API and another business API is powered by a third-party API offered by companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Also, third-party APIs are powered by third parties compared to the first-party APIs that are in-house APIs. 

Examples of third-party APIs include Google Maps APIs that can be seamlessly integrated with a mobile geolocation app or Facebook API that help fetch new-user details from the social media platform, thereby saving time for the user from filling in details every time.

Benefits of third-party APIs

  1. Agile creations

Since the API is not created from scratch, 3rd party APIs can be created faster and effectively.

2. Reduced costs

Since the turn-around time of 3rd party APIs is considerably faster, the development cost is also less vis-a-vis developing the API from ground zero.

3. Drives competitive advantage 

By using third-party APIs, businesses can add advanced features to their apps. 

 As a result, it can add value to your business offering, helping bring in a competitive advantage to your app.

4. Enhanced UX 

Third-party APIs are made by companies that specialize in creating the best APIs. Hence, when you integrate your business app with such third-party APIs, you enhance your app’s performance. So, overall, it helps deliver better experiences to your customers. Also, note that like other software developing companies, 3rd party API development companies keep frequently updating the software that will ensure that your app has automatic access for updates.

With customization possible, there is a lot of flexibility that your business gets to enjoy, choosing features that you need for your app. 

Ways to ensure a seamless 3rd party API integration for mobile apps

First step – To choose the right API integration team. 

It is one of the most crucial steps. One error here can cause a huge loss – delaying the project, causing financial losses, and losing goodwill. The right thing to do is to appoint the right developers with the experience of third-party API integration. Ensure that the developers have the requisite experience and skills for third-party API integration. iBoss is one of the leading development companies offering professional integration services with 3rd-party API integration. 

Second step – registering with a credible API provider for building the API integration with your app. Remember, the best way is to register with a leading provider that guarantees secure integration with endpoint verification and authentication.

Third step – Authorization token from the API company

After the registration is done, an API key or token is generated that helps identify the project. The token is the digitized identity of the user to use the third-party API.

Fourth step – integration

Now is the time for integrating the app with the 3rd-party API wherein dependency managers like Maven for Android app and CocoaPods for iOS are used. 

Fifth step – adding new functionalities

Now the developers will use the features of the 3rd party API to add new functionalities to your app.

Third-party API integrations take anywhere between eight to sixteen hours. Businesses need to be cautious while selecting the API developers and the third-party API Company to drive optimized user experience. For effective 3rd party API integration, call experts at iBoss for best and guaranteed results. 

At iBoss you can get your business apps created quickly with Rapid Application Development. You also get the API integrations that help users access third-party apps or services like payment gateways, Google maps, etc., quickly. 

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