Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Liberating businesses beyond man-made or natural crises.

What is AI & Automation?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are commonly conflated, and the phrases are used interchangeably. Automation is not the same as artificial intelligence. Automation is defined as a machine that follows a set of instructions that are solely specified by humans. Switch to Industry 4.0 with the power of Robotic Process Automation & AI to empower end-to-end Process automation and increase efficiency

What Automation brings to a Business?

Reduced operational barriers & improved tracking
Reduced manual data entries
Reduced costs
Reduced human errors
Improved customer experience​

Automation & AI solutions to enable organizations to sustain and make profits double fold

Start and sustain a consistent business growth with our automation tools and AI enabled services that are tested and proven.
Plug & Play
Zero waiting time
User Friendly
Multi Language

Automate manual processes and save time & costs

Automation & Artificial Intelligence are quintessential part of any business organization today.
With solutions like chatbot for business, start more engaging conversations, increase the engagement for business growth, build better customer relationships and instantly handle multiple customer queries with no errors.

Our Offerings

Streamline & enhance the processes in your organization to reach the highest business potential.
Imaging Solutions
  • Digitize physical documents and reduce paper dependency.
  • Extract information from physical documents using AI to reduce chaos and boost productivity and enable workflows.
  • Train models with OCR and Deep learning capabilities.
Chatbot Development
  • Engage customers using AI based Chatbots
  • An intelligent AI based Chatbot that can exhibit human-like behaviour
  • Aligns with your business needs and is highly scalable, unique and has ownership
  • High performance will be the ideal solution for:
  • Customer’s engagement
  • Gathering product feedback
  • Addressing product complaints and
  • Answering queries on products
RPA & BI Solutions
  • Process & workflow Automation
  • Business Intelligence Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Implementation Services

Our Exclusive Traits

Over 16 Years of Experience

Team of 200+ Engineers, Project Managers & Marketers
1.5+ Million Development Hours
90% Client Retention
Save 60-70% of Development Time
24/7 Technical Support
ISMS Processes & Data Security
Result Oriented Approach
OCR, NLP & NER Capabilities
Custom UI
Ability to Handle structured & unstructured data
Multi-Lingual Capabilities

Automate with Scalong

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